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Celebrations! - August 23, 2019, Columbus, OH. Group members get together to celebrate Keivan and Sajith succesfully defending their Ph.D. dissertation

Left row, L to R: Jun Yu, Linfeng xue, Keivan Asadi, Michael Lee. Right row, L to R: Jian Liu, Jinha Kwon, Sajith Dharmasena, Dr. Cho

US-Korea Conference 2019 - August 14-17, Chicago, IL. Jinha Kwon with his award winning poster

IEEE's 2019 Inertial Conference - April 2, 2019, Naples, FL. Jun Yu and Keivan Asadi with their award winning poster

L to R: Dr. Cho, Jun Yu, Keivan Asadi

Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS) Annual Meeting - February, 5, 2019, Austin, TX. Dr. Cho and Jinha Kwon enjoy their visit to Austin for the ORS 2019 annual meeting

L to R in both images: Dr. Cho, Jinha Kwon

ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition - November 11, 2018, Pittsburgh, PA. Sajith competes at the NSF-Sponsored Student Poster Competition at the 2018 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE).

L to R: Sajith Dharmasena, Dr. Cho

Denman Undergraduate Research Forum - April 3, 2018. Gene, Michael and Zhengyang present their research at the 2018 Denman Forum.

Gene Li (top left), Zhengyang Du (bottom left) and Michael Lee (right) with their research posters

Case Western Visit - February 23, 2018. Jun Yu during his visit to Case Western University - Cleveland, Ohio.

L to R: Dr. Philip Feng (CWU), Fan Ye (CWU), Jun Yu and Jaesung Lee (CWU)

MNMDL Conference - December 11, 2017. MNMDL gets together for a round of research presentations followed by a pizza dinner.
Jinha Kwon presents his research

Newest MNMDL member, Jun Yu presents his research

Pizza and conversation

Laboratory of Sound & Vibration Research members Shichao and Quanqi join in on the fun!

2017 ASME IDETC Conference in Cleveland, OH - August 7-9, 2017. Keivan Asadi and Sajith Dharmasena present their research findings at 2017 ASME IDETC 

A quick picture with our friends from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign before attending another session of research talks. Left to right: Keivan Asadi, Dr. Hanna Cho, Randi Potekin (UIUC), Prof. Lawrence Bergman (UIUC) and Sajith Dharmasena

Out and about Cleveland

OSU Materials Week - May 11, 2017. Jinha Kwon and CJ Ha contribute to 2017 OSU Materials Week

Jinha with his research poster

CJ with his research poster

Event attendees from MNMDL

MNMDL Group November 2016

Back row (L to R): Min Ma, Hatem Brahimi, Keivan Asadi, Jinha Kwon, Sajith Dharmasena. Front row (L to R): Sungjun Han, Zhi Zhang, Dr. Hanna Cho, Gene Li, Zhengyang Du

2016 ASME IDETC Conference in Charlotte, NC - August 21-24, 2016. Keivan Asadi and Sajith Dharmasena present their research findings at 2016 ASME IDETC 


Keivan Asadi presents his research on nonlinear MEMS


Sajith Dharmasena presents his research on a new cantilever design for multi-harmonic AFM