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Lab: W091 Scott Lab. 

I.  Micro/Nano-scale Imaging & Characterization

Atomic force microscopy system (Asylum Research MFP-3D-Infinity).

The Asylum Research MFP-3D-Infinity is the latest, most advanced AFM. Asylum MFP-3D class is renowned by its versatility due to its large space for sample, which is ideal for in-situ AFM in various environments. This new Infinity version is equipped with higher-speed, lower-noise electronics to provide much better resolution and stability of measurements.


Fluid cell lite for in-liquid imaging using AFM

Fluid Cell Lite provides liquid imaging capabilities with an evaporation shield. The portless fluid dish is designed to accept a 35mm diameter x 1mm thick glass sample mounting dish and includes a membrane that mates to the standard MFP-3D cantilever holder. The membrane serves as an evaporation shield while allowing easy removal of the scan head for cantilever exchange. This accessory accommodates a larger volume of liquid compared to the droplet technique. Since there are no ports to be plugged, accidental leakage is minimized. The dish is made of PEEK™ for chemical resistance and the O-rings are FKM (Viton® equivalent) which prevent cross-contamination to the sample. Optional silicone membranes are also available.

Electrochemical fluid-cell for electrochemical analysis using AFM

Electrochemical fluid-cell designed for electrochemical analysis using AFM electrochemical experiments combined with AFM imaging. At the core of the device is a PEEK™ container with ports for fluid exchange and electrical feedthroughs. A variety of electrodes is supplied with the EC cell, yet the design is extremely adaptable to accept customized sample mounts or electrodes. All parts of the EC Cell which come into contact with the electrolyte are made of PEEK polymer. Supplied O-rings are made of FKM (Viton® equivalent) in industry-standard sizes. The specialized cantilever holder is designed such that only the PEEK body and a small quartz window make contact with the electrolyte, avoiding contamination of the cell’s contents.

Scanning electron microscopy (HITACHI S-4300)

Nikon optical microscope (ECLIPSE LV100ND)

Transmitted and reflected light capabilities; 5x, 20x, and 100x microscope lenses with long working-distance are attached; Spacer is added for taller samples; digital camera is aligned for capturing video of pictures. 


II. Characterization & Acutation of Mechanical Motions

Laser doppler vibrometer (Polytec OFV-534 Sensor Head with OFV-5000 Controller)

Newport vibration isolation table (Vision Station VIS3636-SG4-325A)

The vibrometer is to measure out-of-plane structural vibrations down to the picometer (10-12 m) scale; the system is equipped with microscope lens (10x, 20x, and 50x), aligned light source and camera to measure microstructures accurately; the frequency bandwidth of the controller is up to 24 MHz.


  • Agilent 350 MHz oscilloscope (DSOX 3024A, 4 channels, sampling rate of 5GS/s).
  • Agilent 2-channel 30 MHz waveform generator (33522B, arbitrary functions).
  • Agilent digital multimeter (U3402A, 5 digit dual display).
  • Open-loop piezo controller (MDT693B, 3 channels) for piezo-actuated nanopositioning stages.
  • Closed-loop piezo controller (BPC301, 1 channel, 150V) for piezo-actuated nanopositioning stages.

Linear translation stages for precision positioning

Newport two-axis linear stages, Newport 1-axis rotation platform, Thorlab 2-axis linear plus rotation platform, Thorlab piezo-actuated 3-axis platform.

Vacuum system

Rotary vane vacuum pump; oil-less diaphragm vacuum pump; customized 6-ports vacuum chamber with UV-filtered viewport for laser measurement; electrical feedthroughs for actuation and signal processing; precise needle valves for accurate flow and vacuum control.

III. Sample Preparation and Storage

Chemical fume hood (Mott Manufacturing, Model# 9491010)
Biosafety cabinets (SANYO Model# SR-171W)

Desiccator vacuum cabinets connected to a vacuum pump, used for securely storing fabricated samples

Water jacketed CO2 incubator (Thermo electron corporation, Forma Series II, Model# 3110)
Centrifuge (Eppendorf 5702 R)


  • Refrigerators (White Westinghouse Model#WWTR1502kw6)
  • Microwave/Hand belnder
  • Ultrasonic cleaner (VEVOR, UL TRASONIC CLEANER PC-30A)
  • Scales – small size (OHAUS® VALOR™ 1000 Model # V11P30)
  • Scales – large size (OHAUS® VALOR™ 7000 Model # V71P1502T)
  • Stirrer and Heat plate (CORNING PC-620D Model# 6795-620D)